Unboxing Canon Rebel T4i

Unboxing Canon T4i

I’m so excited to share with ya’ll the unboxing of my brand new Canon Rebel T4i. I’ve been researching on how to create a good quality videos when it comes to filming beauty videos on YouTube like the famous beauty gurus. I also wanted to take better quality nail pictures and outfit of the day pictures for my fashion section on the blog.

Unboxing Canon T4i

The Canon Rebel T4i had great reviews online and was a better upgrade to the previous model Canon Rebel T3i, this article has some comparisons. But if your looking for a good quality Digital SLR camera on a budget then the T3i would be a great starter camera. For me I wanted the T4i because of the upgrade in autofocus and touch screen.

Two weeks earlier I went to Fry’s Electronics and the price was $200 more than online at BestBuy.com. I recently found out that the Canon Rebel T5i has been released and this is the reason for the price drop, according to this article there isn’t a significant change in the upgraded T5i model. I immediately went to Best Buy to purchase but at the store the price was $749, which was still $100 more than BestBuy.com, they price matched the online price in the store so I got it for $648.99. I think my diligence in online comparing definitely save me a lot of money. The T4i comes with an limited manufactuing warranty for one year, which doesn’t cover much. I purchased the 3 year Geek Squad Accidental Warranty at Best Buy, read more about this protection plan, which I highly recommend because it protects against water damage, accidentally dropping it, and other accidents that may occur. This protection plan also includes getting it professionally clean ever 6 months, which is an added bonus.

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