Stain Glass Mandal Design

stain glass design

I learned this fake stain glass design lesson at an art conference and had so much fun folding the paper to create this artwork. What I love about this project is anyone can be successful and create a beautiful masterpiece.

stain glass design

The steps to create this art work: 1. 8 1/2 X 11 White computer paper. 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Fold in half again and stand up, make sure the crease is at the base. 4. Still in the folded position, fold the corner in to make a triangle. 5. When opened it you look like this. 6. Draw four lines with a pencil, any types: wavy, zig zag, curved, straight, etc… 7. Fold the paper in half, using the ruler rub the paper where you drew the lines to transfer the pencil marks to the next section. 8. Repeat tracing the lines, folding, rubbing to transfer, until you have transferred to all the sections. 9. Once you are finished look at your design and connect any lines that you want, (see example 11 below).

stain glass art lesson Continued: 10. Using a ruler trace all the straight line folds. 11. The finished radial design. 12. Using a transparent sheet lay it on top of the finished design. 13. Using a sharpie trace ALL the pencil lines, the design and the ruler lines. 14. Next flip the transparency over, the side with out the actually sharpie marks. Using BIC Permanent Markers color in the design. You could include a lesson about Warm and Cool colors. 15. The finished Radial Stain Glass design.

diy stain glass design

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