Rainbow Confetti Nails

rainbow confetti nails

Today’s nail art is a rainbow confetti or sprinkle look. If you don’t have a nail dot tool set, then you can make one with just a straight pin and pencil. The lilac base color I used is Essie Bangle Jangle.

rainbow confetti nailsBe careful when putting the straight pin into the eraser of the pencil. Choose multiple colors to create the rainbow look, I used Essie and Color Club nail polishes. Add a dab to each color on a paper plate or paper. Dip the tip of the pin into the nail polish and dot on your nails. Any pattern will work and you can overlap the dots too. You can change nail polish colors by just wiping the tip off the pin and using a different color. Apply Finger Paints Top Coat to protect your nails. If you want bigger dots you can use a pearl pin. A different look you can create is a polka dot look by keeping the dots separated and not touching.

rainbow sprinkle nails

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