New Roof Installation

new roof

To begin the process of selecting a roofing company I asked for suggestions from my realtor and also look on Angie’s List. I had three roofing companies come out and give their bids and choose a guy that would do our roof and windows. We installed architectural three tab roofs with a 30 year warranty with ridge vents to be more energy efficient. I will never use our contractor Daniel Bradford again! He seemed so nice and charming before the work began, but after was a nightmare. The day the materials were scheduled to come I ad already finalized the color of the roof I wanted, then he calls me and tells me that the color I want is an additional charge so right then without any real samples I had to change the color. He came and replace our roof didn’t measure correctly and for his mistake I was charged an addition $1000, his mistake I had to pay. He didn’t even measure the roof but used another bidders wrong measurements. By this point I was so frustrated but we had already paid him to come and replace out windows so we had to use him again.

new roof roof installation

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