Favorite Nail Tools and Storage

top ten nail tools

Here are my top nail art tool I use and my storage to keep myself organized because things can get messy if I don’t. When I start my nail design I must have these items to begin: Acetone, Paper Towel, Cotton Balls, Nail File, Cuticle Oil, Cuticle cutters, Paint Pallet to put the polish or mix acrylic paint, and a Contact Case with acetone and cotton ball to clean my nails or clean the paint brushes. My favorite tools to use to create my nail art designs are scotch tape, makeup sponge, nail dotting tools, and paint brushes.

top ten nail tools

My Favorite nail paint brushes and Dotting Tools

I use nail paint brushes and regular paint brushes to create my nail designs, cheap nail brush set can be purchase here. I use my regular paint brushes with acrylic paint, both items can be purchased at your local craft store. The nail dotting tool can be purchased here. I use a lip liner brush to clean my nails because I like a stiff brush, tutorial on how to clean messy nails here.

nail brushes and tools

Nail Tool Storage:

I use a Sterilite Small Plastic 5 drawers to store my nail supplies, similar one here. I also use my  Dymo LetraTag label maker to create the sticker labels and get organized. Check out my makeup storage here.

nail tool storage


This is my office or workstation. My desk is a glass top which is nice to use if I need to dab some nail polish because it cleans up easily with acetone. I have a light box and I use it to take pictures without the light on. I need to find a better light box to take pictures of my nails.

nail work station

Acrylic Nail Polish Storage:

I got a new acrylic  nail polish storage rack  for my birthday in September but it’s almost already full. I try to keep my nail polish organized by colors. You can purchase the nail polish rack here.

nail polish storage

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