DIY Hello Kitty Felt Hair Bow Clip

hello kitty bow diy

This is a DIY tutorial to make a Hello Kitty bow using felt. I am an avid Hello Kitty lover and I wanted to create the iconic symbol of her bow. This will make a very cute accessory for your hair! Kawaii! hello kitty bow diy

The supplies needed are: Sharp Scissors (Singer Fabric Scissors), Alligator Clip (purchase here), Any 2 colors of Felt (here or here), Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks (here), Fabric Pencil, and Print out of Hello Kitty Bow, which I have upload at the bottom for your convenience.

To start carefully cut out the Hello Kitty Bow print out and all the inside pieces. Use the paper as a stencil to trace. I used the fabric pencil (I didn’t have a fabric pencil so I used a red lipstick pencil liner :p) to outline of the bow to trace the cutout onto a black felt. I used a pink tiger felt to trace the smaller inside pieces of the bow. When tracing I turned the pink tiger felt to the back to trace on the white side but when the pieces were put back together it wouldn’t fit so just trace on the colorful side of your felt.

Next I cut out all the felt pieces. I had to trim the pieces several times to make sure it all fit together. Once you get the pieces fit together use the hot glue gun to glue the pieces together. I lightly pressed the pieces down to stick. Next I lined up my bow to my alligator clip. The Hello Kitty bow isn’t perfectly even on both sides and one side is bigger. I placed the opening where your thumb would open the clip on the bigger side of the bow. Once you have your placement planned out I put glue on top of the alligator clip and glued it down the middle of the bow. Once finished you have a cute bow you can wear!

<3 The Crafty Ninja

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