Cardboard Printmaking

cardboard printmaking

I went to a Region 10 Fine Arts Summit, which is a art teacher conference where other art professionals teach each other art lessons. I taught two sessions to my fellow colleagues about Andy Warhol Pop Art. I also got to attend some classes too, which is where I learned this cardboard printmaking lesson. Printmaking is a form of art to transfer an image onto another piece of paper using ink.

cardboard printmaking

Supplies needed: Exacto Knife, 12 X 12 Cardboard, 12 X 18 White paper, Brayer, Speedball water-base printing ink- Black, Inking Plate, Pencil, and Mirror.

First we were given a piece of cardboard, mirror, pencil and asked to draw our self-portrait, of picture of yourself. Next we learned about how to cutout the areas we didn’t want to be black with an exacto knife, so we had to think in opposite. There are shades of grays to get value: the black ink would be areas that were not cut, the medium gray would be areas that were cut but not until you see the texture, the light grays were areas cut until you see the texture of the cardboard, and last the white areas would be cutting completely through the cardboard, which I did not do. Next put some ink onto the inking plate and use the brayer to spread.

diy cardboard print

Then, roll your brayer onto the cardboard. Place your paper on top of the cardboard and rub, the teacher only had recycled paper book covers as your printing paper. Then you are finished! I really love this process and would like to continue to experiment. I’m a bit nervous to use exacto knifes at the elementary level but I’ll have to judge my students and see if they can be trusted.

cardboard printing

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