New Website Redesign

website redesign website has been redesigned. I am so happy with the results! I worked long and hard with my web designer to get it to where I’ve always wanted my blog to function. This new format is easier for the viewer to scroll through, look at pictures, search, and a new layout theme for easy browsing. Below I have some Before and Afters:

website redesign


In the New design:

The new revamped layout is much more viewer friendly. There is a new banner, with my logo and banner flag, which I love and had so much fun designing, down to picking the font. The font through out my blog is called Crafty Girl, so perfect! There are some ads to help pay the bills, so please click away. There is a slider, where my most recent posts are featured. An about the author section so the viewers can get to know a little more about me. The background is a gradient pink which fades to white. And lastly a contact form so you can contact me with any suggestions, show some love, or just to chat. I hope you enjoy my new web design as much as I loved creating it. As always thanks for stopping by!

new thecraftyninja


In the old design: Generic font and more categories.

old thecraftyninja


The New categories:

Each category has pictures for visual people like me.  So much easier browsing. My banner and ads are in view. As well as the side bar which links to my Twitter and Facebook, and my most recent posts.

new craftyninja


The old categories: Had just had my blog post texts with no pictures. Very simple and plain.

old craftyninja

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