Water Marbling Nails

water marbling tutorial

Finally tried water marbling and it was not the easiest look to create. But after many attempts I was satisfied with the design. I love the look of water marbled nails and will continue to experiment.

Supplies needed: Filtered room temperature bottled water, Small BowlToothpicksQ-tips, Pure Acetone, and Scotch tape.

water marbling tutorial

After many failed attempts here are the steps that worked for me. The nail polishes I used are Essie- Eternal Optimist, Essie- Chubby Cheeks, China Glaze- Peachy Keen, and China Glaze- Shocking Pink (neon).

1. Open the nail polishes to have it ready to go. Have a small bowl filled with water. 2. Touch the tip of the nail polish brush into the water and it creates a bulls eye. I did with each color, then repeated one more time, using each color twice. 3. With a toothpick begin on the outside edge and you will go inward towards the center. 4. Be sure to do this quickly or the nail polishes will stick to the toothpick and be ruined. 5. Be sure to wipe the toothpick each time you dip into the water or even use a clean new one. 6. I taped my finger on the sides and top (not shown), and dip into the design you created. With the toothpick roll into around in the water to collect any nail polish. This is important to do before your lift your finger out of the water. 8. Once you’re finished remove the tape and clean up your nails. For each nail you will have to repeat all the steps.

water marbling steps

The finished look, the very top picture I added some dots with nail polish to create more interest.

diy water marbling nails

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