Van Gogh Inspired Bedroom

van gogh bedroom art lesson 3

My 3rd graders looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting The Bedroom and had a discussion about what they see. When a student mentioned the pictures on the wall I asked them who the people might be. They made connections with pictures they have on their walls and thought it was Van Gogh’s family members. I love hearing my students creative interpretations of Van Gogh’s art. Then the students created a bedroom adding details. Some of my students don’t have a bedroom or shared a room so I told the they could draw a favorite place in their home. I included a tutorial on how to create this paper fold.

Here are my students examples.

van gogh bedroom art lesson 3

van gogh bedroom art lesson 2

van gogh bedroom art lesson


First fold the paper into half, then half again. Cut on one side to the middle (black marker). Overlap the two pieces and glue.

how to make a paper bedroom

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