Tree and Deck Removal

tree removal

In the backyard there was a big massive tree which was making the deck around it become loose and scratching the roof. Another suggestion was that it might be one of the reasons for the foundation problems and because the foundation was just repair I didn’t want to risk having any further issues. To remove the tree it took two days and a brave man that was hired to climb the tree and start cutting off the tree branches. Because the tree was so massive the deck had to come up as well. Everyone helped in the process including my dad, two hired workers, and B. Now looking back I miss my tree.

tree removal

To remove the remaining stump I had a tree stump bon fire. Before burning it down you have to let it dry for about a month because the tree stump holds moisture. The fire was beautiful and the tree stump burned from the inside. This process took several weeks. The pieces had to be axed, firewood added, then the dirt around had to be removed with a shovel and more firewood added to burn the tree stump. Sometimes gasoline was added as well to start the fire. The rest of the remaining stump still needs to be dug up or there is a stump grinder that can be rented from Home Depot, but this is still a work in progress.

burning the tree stump


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