Top Ten Makeup and Tools

top ten makeup

I love makeup but I am no makeup expert. These are the top ten products/tools I use when I get ready to put my best face forward.

top ten makeup

My Top Ten Makeup Product and Tools:

1. Ever night before I go to bed I apply Burt’s Bees Lip balm. I can’t go to sleep with dry lips and it’s a must in my nightly routine.

2. For my eye liner I used to use liquid eyeliner but it would run out too fast. I now use Maybelline Blackest Black gel pot. This gel pot lasts forever and goes on so smoothy without running or easily wiping off and lasts all night.

3. The E.L.F. Angled Eyeliner Brush is very affordable and very good quality. The angle brush has great control and can create the thinnest lines. It’s very easy to use and mistake proof.

4. My favorite eyeshadow brand is the Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows, I have all the color collection but the color series I use most is Blackstage Basics eyeshadow.

5. I use the E.L.F. Contour Brush to apply my eyeshadow. The contour brush blends the eyeshadow smoothly.

6. MAC Whirl lip liner gives definition, shape, and color to my small lips. It also keeps my lip stick lasting all night.

7. MAC Creme Cup lip creme is a pretty pale pink. The MAC lipsticks are very moisture rich and keeps my lips smooth and cremey.

8. Benefit Powderazzi Famous Face Powders. Three different powders: Coarlista- coral cheek powder, Hoola- bronzing powder, Dallas- face powder. This has all three that I only need this to doll up my face.

9. Tweezers to keep my overgrow eyebrows trim and well kept.

10. Clinique Charcoal brow shaper (below picture) fills in my barely there eyebrows and the angled brush gives them shape and definition.

clinique charcoal

Check out my Makeup storage:

I have so much makeup like every girl and I needed a makeup storage solution to organize it all! I like having an exact place for all my things that way I wont lose anything! I used my Dymo LetraTag to print out the labels for each shelf, for example: Chapstick, Lipgloss, Eyeshadow, Primer, Concealer…etc….

I purchased this Arko Mils shelf from Amazon here. It has 24 small shelves that perfectly fit my makeup. I think this shelf was originally for storing tools, but I thought outside of the box!

Makeup Storage Shelf Container

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