Tie Dye Needle Drag Nails

Tie Dye nails are the perfect way to start off my Spring Break Vacation. The weather is perfect and I wanted my nails to fit my mood. Happy and Bright! To create this look the nail polishes used: Lancôme Undercoat, Salon Perfect Loopy Lime, Orly Lemonade, China Glaze Shocking Pink, and Orly Shockwave. I used a Pin Needle to create the drag marble technique, please be careful when using the Needle, if you don’t have a needle a toothpick can also work but I found that the Needle works best because of its fine point tip.

Tie Dye Nails

Check out the Tie Dye Drag Needle nail tutorial below:

Another look:

Needle Drag Nails

Another look:

Tie Diy Nail Tutorial

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