Things I Love

pink vw beetle

So many things I love and I wanted to share some of these wonderful things that make my world go round.

Every time I go shopping for groceries at H-mart, a Korean grocery store, I stop by the Hello Kitty gift shop that has the cutest things from Korea. I always want hair clips, bows, pencils, note pads, pencil cases, mugs, earring, and the list can go on and on. I just can’t get enough of all the cuteness I could explode. I actually used to work at this store during my summer breaks but I have to now void it because my pay check goes to buying things… lots of things.

cute pencils case

I was wondering around Home Depot aka my second home and my eyes caught a glimpse of these and of course being a Hello Kitty obsessed person I had to get these keys. I was a bit sad replacing my old very first keys I used when I purchased my home but they will be used as my spare and my primary will be my new Hello Kitty house keys! Check out my Hello Kitty Nails tutorial.

hello kitty house keys

I went to the Volkswagen dealership and my eyes and heart had skipped a beat. My very first car when I turned 17 was a silver VW Beetle. But as an adult now my dream car has been owning a Pink VW convertible Beetle. There is was in all its glory, the most perfect Barbie Pink. Then my adult mind set in and told me a big fat NO! As an owner of two big Weimaraners this would be certainly a clown car situation, because I always take them to dog parks and my car now is too small. Reality sets in and I’m actually looking for an opposite of a small petite beetle and a large SUV.

pink vw beetle

I have been on a hunt for more finger rings and I used Jewelry findings that I purchased from Hobby Lobby to make it work, similar one here in Silver or Gold. Check out my Characters Nail Art Tutorial.

finger rings

Last is a picture I found on the internet, this is not my picture. I think my next goal is to make one with my new sewing machine that I’ve never used. Very ridiculous and cute!

hello kitty face dress

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