Tea Bag Nail Repair

tea bag nail repair

I had unfortunately broken my thumb nail and I was really sadden. I didn’t want to  clip it off so I tired the tea bag nail repair to see if it would work and it did! Quick and easy diy fix to repair a broken nail.

tea bag nail repair


1. The supplies needed: Tea bag or one ply of Toilet paper, Nail Strengthener or Nail Glue, Scissors, and Nail file.

2. I broke the nail and the edge of the nail.

3. Empty the tea bag, and cut into small squares.

4. Apply the nail hardener.

5. Put the tea bag on top the broken nail.

6. Apply the nail hardener on top of the tea bag to seal.

7. Sorry I accidentally skipped.

8. File the nail down.

9. Let it dry. Once it’s dry you can apply nail polish.

tea bag nail repair

Some suggestions I have gotten from my Instagramers is using coffee filters, or tissue paper and getting the layer down to one ply, using nail glue instead of nail strengthener, and apply the tea bag to both sides of the nail. Hope you try out any of these techniques!

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