T-shirt Braid/ Weave Reconstruction

t-shirt braiding

During my spring break I got to hang out with a sweet 13 year old by the name of Karmyn and she demonstrated how to reconstruct an old t-shirt into a very cool design using a braiding/weaving technique. This is fun way to recycle and bring life to an old shirt that would have otherwise been thrown away.

t-shirt braiding

The first step is to fold the t-shirt in half so that the side inseams are in the middle. On the folded back part, cut slits from upper back down to the bottom of the shirt about two inches long and one inch apart. Then lay the t-shirt flat with the back facing up and begin stretching the cut strips to make it looser.

t-shirt reconstruction fold

The next step is the technique on how to braid or weave the loose strips. With the first strip pull over the second strip and pull the second strip through the first hole and pull upwards to form the braid and let then first strip go. With the second strip pull over the third strip and the third strip into the hole and pull up, continue this braiding pattern to the bottom of the shirt.

t-shirt redo technique

The last step is to cut the last loop in the middle. With one side wrap around and knot it and do the same to the other side. Your shirt is finished and now you can enjoy your new redesigned fashion forward t-shirt.

t-shirt recycle fashion

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