Swirl/ Chinese Staircase Friendship Bracelet

swirl chinese staircase bracelet

The Swirl or Chinese Staircase is very easy because all it is are FOUR-ward knots to create the swirl.swirl chinese staircase braceletTo get started tie a single knot and because I didn’t have a Clip Board so I used a Particle Board and Binder Clips. Clip both ends to the particle board.

diy swirl chinese stair case step 1Then make a FOUR-ward knot. Think of it as FOUR-ward knot because you make a 4 with the two strings and loop it under then pull up tight.

diy swirl chinese stair case 2Next add the neon yellow string back to the rest of the strings and pick up your second color and make continue to make FOUR-ward knots. Repeat this step with all the colors of strings. Once your get your desired length tie a single knot and cut off any extra strings.

diy swirl chinese stair case 3Check out my other friendship tutorials here.

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