Soccer Ball Nail Art

Goallllll! To all my soccer fans and players here is a simplified version of the 2014 World Cup nails I did. After posting the Brazilian/American themed nail art I got a lot of comments on why their flag was not on my nails. Hmmm…. I only have ten fingers and only painted my left hand which limited it to only five. So here is the same tutorial I posted but only with the soccer ball nail design. Hopefully this is now satisfy everyone! Happy goal keeping folks!

Soccer Ball Nails



Soccer Ball Nail tutorial:

Simply Spoiled Beauty Products Nail Art Pens:

I used the Nail Art Pens which duo as a Nail Striper and Dotter to create some of the designs. Using coupon code crafty for 40% off your order. Check out Simply Spoiled Beauty here.

Soccer Nails


I used Bonita Colors Wiggle and Pure White, available at Rite Aid stores:

Soccer Nail Art


Another look:

Soccer World Cup Nails

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