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diy clothes dividers

I have been searching for a way to neatly organize my closet and laundry room. I thought of how clothing stores at malls organize fitting room clothes with dividers and got this idea to create my own clothes dividers.

diy clothes dividersThe supplies needed: Mod Podge, Blank Clothes Dividers, 1” Foam Brush, Scrapbook Paper, Marker, and Scissors.

First I traced only one of the blank clothes dividers because there is a border around the middle and outside and I knew I would have to make the scrapbook paper smaller. After cutting one out I put it on the blank divider and traced the middle and outside border. I again cut the scrapbook paper and double checked to make sure it fit inside the blank divider. Now that it was the correct size I traced the scrapbook paper.

blank clothes dividers templateI only traced a few times because I folded the paper over so that I was cutting two pieces at a time. I then labeled each scrapbook paper with how I wanted to organize my clothes, for example: long shelve shirts, short shelve shirts, tank tops, etc… Then I used the foam brush to add mod podge to the blank divider and glued down the scrapbook paper. I rubbed to get out all the air bubbles. Then I added a coat of mod podge to seal it, when I did this the marker did smudge a bit but I didn’t mind.

mod podge clothes dividersI am going to make some more so that I have a set for my laundry room and a set for my closet. Happy Crafting!

closet dividers

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