Saran Wrap Nails

saran wrap nails

Today’s nail art tutorial is using saran wrap or cling wrap to create this textured nail look. This nail art has been compared to water marbling design but so much easier to create.

saran wrap nails

1. To create this look first cut the saran wrap into squares, do this when your nails are dry to make sure it doesn’t ruin your manicure. 2. Next paint with a clear base coat, then I used Essie- Lapis of Luxury on all my nails. 3. As you wait for your nails to dry prepare all your saran balls by scrunching it into a ball shape. Make sure your base nail polish is dry before moving onto the next step. 4. Then paint over the finger nail, I used Pure Ice- Bikini. 5. Quickly grabbed the scrunched up saran warp and lightly pressed several times, moving the saran wrap up, down, and around the finger nail. Be sure to add your top coat.

I love this look and its so easy to create! I experimented with a third color but it did not turn out well. You could also use contrasting colors to create a bolder look, but I kept my simple using two different shades of blue.

diy saran wrap nailsCheck out my YouTube tutorial for Saran wrap nails:


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