Rice Water Facial

rice water facial

Rice water can be used as a facial to give your face a fresh clean glow. I learned this trick from my aunt who came from Korea to stay with my family for several months. Every time she would prepare the rice she would save the water and later wash her face. She told me that this keeps her skin refreshed and young looking, this must have worked because she has the most amazing soft skin. Rice has lots of benefits to your health, skin, and hair.

rice water facial

First rise your rice under lukewarm water, that way when you wash your face it won’t be too cold. Pour the rice water into a bowl. Next wash your face, neck, and declate with the rice water. I don’t use the towel to dry my face and just let the rice water sock into my pores. With the clean rice, I use half white rice and half brown rice, I cook it in my rice cooker and enjoy a good hardy meal. You could also use the extra rice water to rinse your hair because it also can improve your hairs health and shine. I also soak my hands to have soft supple hands, which is important because I am always using acetone when working on my nails. So much benefits of rice and rice water!

rice water beauty tips

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