How to Refinish Cabinets with Oil Based Paint

refinished painted cabinet

During the complete remodel of the master bathroom I saved the wood cabinet vanity to refinish and put in the laundry room for extra storage and folding table. I also refinished my kitchen cabinets with white semi gloss oil base paint. For this project I added new brush nickel hardware and hinges, and a new counter top.

refinished painted cabinetSeveral things to know about oil base paint: It is highly durable, stain free, long lasting, leaves no brush strokes, can be painted over acrylic, but once painted with oil it cannot be painted over with acrylic, and it isn’t the easiest paint to work with but has the most benefits when painting furniture, trims, and doors.

So to begin this project I need Dewalt Screw Drivers, 220 Grit Sand Paper, Wet Paper Towel, Latex Gloves, Behr Semi-gloss Oil Base Paint, Flat 2” Paint Brush, Aluminum Foil, Paint Pan Tray, and 72” Laminate Counter Top.

First I took off all the hardware with the screwdriver, if the screws were striped you could use a rubber band to loosen the screws. I then sanded to get the surface of the cabinet ready to paint.

sanding cabinetsNext I sanded all the vanity wood. Then used a leaf blower to get out any other dirt or spider webs. This saved lots of time.

sanding cleaning cabinetsThen I wiped off any dust particles with a wet paper towel. Tip to save some money is to line your paint roller tray with aluminum foil instead of buying expensive paint liners. Set your cabinet doors on a raised surface, here I’m using some cheap IKEA shoe racks. Be sure to paint in the direction of the wood grain.

wiping cabinets paintHere is a closer look on how to paint with the grain. Be sure to paint the edges and also to catch any drips from the paint with the paint brush. Let dry for about a week flip over and paint the other side. Also I repainted all my cabinets twice so that the white would completely cover the surface. When finished with your oil paint brush wrap it with aluminum foil and put inside the freezer, then you can thaw and reuse it again. I’ve tried to clean my paint brushes with mineral spirits but its highly toxic and never gets the brush completely clean.

oil based paint techniqueAfter the vanity and cabinet doors are all dry I purchase new brushed nickel hardware, hinges, and a pre-cut 72” laminate counter top from Home Depot for $60, but it still didn’t fit the cabinets so it had to be measured and cut to fit with a scroll saw.

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