Rainbow Water Marble Nails

rainbow water marble nails

I love water marble nails and came across this tutorial by Professional DQ here, and tried this beautiful rainbow flower water marble nails. So excited with the outcome. To create the sponge rainbow base tutorial here.

Supplies needed: Filtered room temperature bottled water, Small BowlToothpicksQ-tips, Pure Acetone, and Scotch tape.

rainbow water marble nails

Rainbow water marble nails tutorial:

1. Nail polishes used: China Glaze Liquid Leather and Essie Au Natural, needs to be a light jelly color so that the rainbow base shows through. Filtered water from my Brita filter, let it sit to room temperature.

2. Drop the nail polishes in the water to create a bullseye effect.

3. Repeat until you can see the different colors of layers. Using a wooden skewer, drag from the outside into the center. The trick is barely touching the polishes and lightly dragging it.

4. Dragging very slowly to the center.

5. Create a flower pattern by dragging around the circle into the center.

6. Tape your finger so that there’s less of a clean up. To create the rainbow base tutorial here.

diy water marble

7. Find the pattern design you like the most and prepare to dip your finger.

8. Dip your finger into the water. While your finger is still in the water, take the wood skewer and pick up the extra polishes in the water, it will begin to stick to the stick. Wipe the wooden skewer on a piece of paper towel to get rid of extra polish.

9. Slowly take your finger out of the water.

10. What your nail will look like once it is out of the water.

11. Take off the tape and clean up your nails. I use acetone in a contact case and a lip liner brush to clean up my messy nails. Seal with a top coat and your done!

diy water marble nails

With the flash:

rainbow water marble

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