Rainbow Tape Mani

rainbow nails

I had received several questions on how I create a tape manicure from the previously nail tape tutorial I did here. So here is another tutorial on how I created with look using rainbow and black stripes with an interesting pattern.

rainbow nailsFirst to create the stripes I used LA Colors Art Deco Nail polishes, purchase here. I tried using regular nail polish but the polish was too thick and the lines were uneven, you could purchase a Nail Paint Brushes to create the thin lines too. Next I waited for the polish to completely dry, this is key and I know how impatience we can all be but to get a clean lines this is a must. I also make sure my first layer is painted on thin, one coat, this will dry quicker and the tape will pull off the nail polish if it is too thick.

stripe nails

Now that the nail polish is dry I cut thin stripes out of tape and also used Craft Scissors to cut the Zigzag/ Chevron lines for my thumb and middle finger. Paint over with black nail polish and pull the tape slowly off. I also wait for my nails to dry before applying top coat or it will smudge.

tape manicure

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