Rainbow Sponge Nails

rainbow sponge nails

Rainbow nails are one of my favorite nail designs. The happy bright colors on my finger nails brings a smile to my face. This rainbow sponge technique is so easy to do! I also am trying out Burt’s Bee cuticle cream, purchased here, and so far I like it. It’s important to keep your cuticles moisturized and healthy!

rainbow sponge nails

1. The nail polishes I used: Orly Shockwave, Sinful Colors Innocent, OPI  no name Yellow, Sinful Colors Hazard, Butter London Pillar Box Red.

2. I pulled small pieces of the make up sponge with tweezers.

3. Starting from the tip I dabbed the make up sponge across.

4. Repeat with the next color.

5. Finish all the colors of the Rainbow. Clean up nails, tutorial here.

6. Seal with a top coat, I used Seche Vite. I also put cuticle cream all over my cuticles.

rainbow sponge nails diy

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