PVA Peel Off Base Coat

pva peel base coat

I researched on how to remove glitter nail polish with out using the Aluminum foil method, tutorial here, and found out about PVA glue, which is a craft glue used in book binding. You can purchase PVA glue here. This can be applied as a base coat before you paint your nails. Its easy and simple to use and after your done with your glitter polish it peels off so easily.

In the tutorial I let the glitter polish dry for about 15 minutes so the PVA adhesive is still tacky. But I did this technique again and used it as a base coat and the next day after I took a shower the glitter polish peel off very easily without using a wooden stick, and came off just like a sticker. I have heard that elmer’s glue also works as a peel off base coat but I haven’t experimented with that yet.

pva peel base coat

Check out my YouTube tutorial below:

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