Pressed Dried Flower Nails

dried flower nail art

Spring and all its beautiful flowers have sprung. I was inspired by all the fresh flowers to create this pressed- dried flower nail art.

dried flower nail artHere is how I dried the flowers. First I carefully pulled the petals off a flower to get individual petals. I put the flowers and leaves on a phone book and laid heavy books on top and let it for two days.

diy dried flowerAfter three days I carefully peeled the flowers off the paper and put in a small container. I painted my nails with Rimmel French Manicure Pro in French Lingerie. One nail at a time I painted a clear top coat and I used a Magic Pick (which is used to pick up Rhinestones) to pick up the pressed dried flower and put on my nail and I pressed the entire flower down to make sure it was attached to my nail. Painted several times with a clear top coat to protect.

how to press flower nails

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