Pink Chanel Inspired Nails

Chanel is my all time favorite luxury brand but unfortunately I am too poor to afford the real thing so here I created the Chanel inspired look on my nails. So fancy huh?!? The nail polishes used: Lancôme Rose Plumtis, Sech Vite Fast Drying Top Coat, and Essie Matte About You. Other supplies used: Floss Pick, Chanel nail charm, Nail dotting toolNail glue, and Crystal Katana.

Matte About You

Check out the Pink Chanel inspired nail tutorial below:

This was many failed attempts later that I finally got the hang of it. The trick was to apply a clear top coat then the matte top coat over it. The thickness helped created the indentions that created the quilted effect.

Chanel Nail Tutorial

Another look:

Pink Chanel Nails

Another look:

Quilted Nails

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