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This is a project our instructional technology specialist shared to create a photo booth collage for the end of the year so the students can take with them. Check out

Your Photo Boother Photo

This would be a perfect technology lesson for students, they can take pictures, upload them to the “photobooth” and create an image. Students could use this to create memory photos, they take pictures of their friends, bring the image into a PowerPoint and write about their friends. It could be used for Science or Social Studies, in Math they could take digital pictures of each step in a math problem, upload the images and they have a digital record of their work. Tons of ways the site can be used! Below I did a photoboother of my students art work examples.

student art projectsTo get started, when you go to the site on the left there is a (tutorial). Click on the frame “Upload” to upload a picture. Once the images are uploaded, you can choose a frame and click on “Develop”, the curtain opens and the image “comes out the slot”. The image can be emailed or downloaded, then it can be saved. The image will come out as a .jpg so can be inserted into any other program or simply printed.

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