Ombre Hair DIY

ombre hair

Here is a DIY tutorial on how to create Ombre hair. Ombre is when the color gradates from Dark, Medium, to Light. I first went to the salon to see how much it would cost and for $120 I thought I could do it on my own. The only problem was I had previously dyed my hair (tips and tutorial here) and the roots were growing out. So I needed to first dye a dark brown to blend the roots for the dark color and bleach the tips to create the light color. I left the hair color that was on my hair as the Medium color.

ombre hairPlease note that I am not a professional hair colorist but I have had many experiences of trial and error with my own hair coloring. I went to Sally Beauty Supply to purchase all my products. To dye my roots I used Salon Care 30 Developer and Ion- Darkest Brown. Mixed it same amount of Developer and Color in a Color Mixing Bowl with a Extra Wide Tint Brush. The using the tint brush apply on the roots and about three inches down. (Here is my tutorial example on how to dye hair) I am using the color on my hair for the medium shade in the ombre.

dyeing roots

Next let it process for around 15 minutes. I took the tint brush and started blending the dye into the hair and using my hands massaged it in almost down to the tip but leaving about three inches, because I am going to bleach my tips blonde. I let that process for only about 5 minutes because I didn’t want all the medium tones to disappear. Washed out and dried. I am very pleased how well my roots turned out and blended.

diy hair dyeLast to bleach my tips to create the lightest shade or blonde. I used PrismLites Blue Bleach and Salon Care 20 Developer Creme. Equal parts bleach and developer and mix in the Color Mixing Bowl with a Extra Wide Tint Brush. Apply generously to the tip and rub in. Next on the Aluminum Foil use the tint brush to apply more bleach to the hair and wrap. Read instructions on process time, I let mine process for 50 minutes and rinsed out.

diy bleach hairAfter care is very important to repair the damage you have done through dye and stripping your hair. I use Ion Color Defense as my after care conditioner and I apply Biosilk when my hair is dried. My hair feels less damaged and there is less breakage.

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