Nail Polish Lei

nail polish lei

This is the perfect gift to give to any girl for a birthday, housewarming, party favor, or just for fun. I learned how to make this from a friend who makes tradition Hawaiian flower leis, but she used candies to fill her lei.

nail polish leiSupplies: 40″ Cellophane, Scissors, Tape, Curling Ribbon,

Mini Nail Polishes: Kleancolor Metallic, Kleancolor Gothic, OPI, L.A. Colors.

Cut the cellophane six inches off the roll and lay the mini nail polishes about two inches apart. Fold over the bottom piece and tape in the center. Fold over the top piece and tape in the center, like a burrito.

nail polsih lei step one

Cut the curling ribbon about six inches and tie between each nail polish. Tie the two ends together with the curling ribbon. Last curl the ribbons with the scissors. When finished you have a nail polish lei you can give as a gift or keep for yourself.

nail polish lei two

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