Mini Sticky Note Sketchbook

sticky note mini sketch book 3

I love having mini sketchbooks to jot down an idea, take notes, or to do a quick sketch. This is a tutorial on how to make your own sticky note sketch book.

Supplies: 2- 3.5×4 Chipboard, 1- 1.5×4 Chipboard, 2- 3×3.5 Paper (I used Pink), 1- 1.5×4 Paper, 2-5X5 Paper (Marbleized paper tutorial here), Aileen’s Tacky Glue, Sticky Note.

To make the binding: Glue the 1.5×4 Chipboard to the center of the 1.5×4 Pink Paper. Then glue the Sticky Note to the Chipboard and let it dry.

sticky note mini sketch bookTo make the front and back covers: Glue the 3.5×4 Chipboard to the center of the Marbleized Paper. (You can use any type of paper I just love making my own. Also I cut the paper too small at 4.5×4.5 and I added the correct dimensions 5×5 in the supplies list) Fold the edges over, like wrapping a present. Then glue the inside 3.5×4 pink paper. (Again because I cut the Marbleized paper too small I had to trim the pink paper to make it fit. Sorry!)

sticky note mini sketch book 2Now to glue it all together, the sticky note with the binding and glue the front and back covers down. Make sure to leave a small space between the binding and cover so that the covers will open and close.

sticky note mini sketch book 3

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