How to Marbleize Paper with Chalk Pastel

How to marbleize paper with chalk pastel

This is a fun lesson I taught to my students. I integrate Science by showing examples of objects that sink and objects that float. This project is so simple and fun I teach it to my Kindergartners.

The supplies needed: White paper, Chalk pastels, Bucket filled with water, Apron, Damp sponge, and Plastic spoon.

I first talk about safety and not to rub or blow the chalk pastel. Then I have my students wear aprons to protect their clothes. On each table I have a damp sponge so the students can clean off their hands. I demonstrate how to use the chalk pastel with a plastic spoon to scrap off the dust in the water bucket. I describe how the chalk floats. Then I dropped the paper in the water and lifted it up and the chalk transfers onto the paper. Again I ask the class if the paper floated or sunk reinforcing the learning. All my students artworks were successful and they had so much fun creating their new marbleized paper.

The marbleized paper can be used for card making, booking making, and in so many fun creative crafts.

How to Marblize Paper with Chalk Pastel

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