Magazine Silhouette Portraits

recycle magazine silhouette portraits

This is an elementary art lesson for 5th graders and the objectives for this lesson are Collage, Recycling, and Self-Portrait.

recycle magazine silhouette portraitsThe students learn about famous African American collage artist Romare Bearden by watching the DVD Visual Jazz. Bearden’s inspiration came from his surroundings and his love for Jazz music, which can been seen in his artworks. Before I passed out the magazines I went through and ripped out any inappropriate content. We also discussed recycling magazines to create the collage. I traced the students silhouettes while the rest of the students looked through magazines and cut out pictures and words that interested them. The students glued their magazine cut outs on the back of the paper with their silhouette tracing. Lastly they cut out their profile self-portrait silhouettes.

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