Madeline Hunter Art Lesson Template

As an elementary art teacher who teaches grades from kindergarten through fifth grade I am constantly learning to find better and more efficient ways to lesson plan writing. Honestly this part wasn’t my favorite but I also had issues with my classroom discipline and I was overwhelmed coming up with lesson plans for six grade levels. I found this Madeline Hunter art lesson that was adapted for planning art lessons and changed a few things to fit my teaching style. Madeline Hunter’s Lesson Plan method focuses on student objective and learning. I have included my ArtLessonPlan_Template, click HERE in a word document. This art lesson template has made it easier to plan lessons and organize my thoughts to teach the lessons. The template has sections where you can plan every minute:  general and specific objectives, student and teacher preparations, art standards, links to outside classroom, diversity accommodations, key concepts, art supplies, procedures, anticipatory set, closure, clean up, and extension for the next lesson. I have a better understanding of what I am going to say, what materials I will need, what my expectation are, and results for the product. It is my opinion this helps with classroom discipline, because when the teacher is prepared then the students are focused on the learning objective. Hopefully I can help struggling teachers because this lesson template has helped me. Sharing the knowledge to better teach our students.


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