Leopard Glitter Nails

leopard glitter nails

Today’s nail art I used my new Revlon-Radiant nail polish to create this leopard glitter nails. I love this nail polish, its so sparkly and fun.

leopard glitter nails

This is how I created this look. 1. Paint all the nails with Revlon- Radiant and once dry tape off with scotch tape. 2. Paint with a second color, I used Prue Ice- Bikini. 3. Pull the tape off. 4. Add spots, I used Art Deco Paint Polish in blue glitter. 5. Add C or ” lines around the spots with a Nail Dotting Tool, purchased here. Check out my Leopard Nail Tutorial here.

diy leopard nails

You could keep it simple or glitter all your nails. Relvon- Radiant has blue mirco-glitters with bits of silver and turquoise circle sequence.

revlon radiant nail polish

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