Kawaii Cute Nails

kawaii cute nails

I love Kawaii! This is a style of nail art I’m constantly going back to. Learn more about kawaii here. I am loving my first Hawaii Island Girl- Big Island Magic nail polish all the way from a friend in Hawaii. It is truly a hot HOT pink!

kawaii cute nails

DIY Nail Bow Tutorial: For this tutorial I used Scotch Tape, Orly Instant Artist, and a Nail Dotting Tool.

1. Paint with base coat and nail polish color and allow it to try. Put the Scotch Tape on top of the nail.

2. Paint over with the second nail polish color and carefully pull off the tape.

3. Using Orly Instant Artist nail polish create the thin line design around the bow.

4. Apply a rhinestone to the center with nail glue and add the line details.

5. Using the Nail Dotting Tool create black dots around the bow.

6. Again create pink dots then white dots in the center to create a lace effect around the bow. I also added pink dots around the bow.

diy bow nails

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