Japanese Hair Straightening Perm

Japanese Magic Hair Straightener Perm

Today I went to Dass Hair Salon and got a “magic” perm aka Japanese Hair Straightening Perm. This process takes anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on the length of your hair and the costs run from $150-$200. First the stylist, Rich, put a straightening chemical in my hair and brushed it in and let it sit for 20 minutes. Next the assistant washed my hair with warm water and shampoo, she then towel dried my hair and then used a blow drier. Rich used a hair straightening iron and in small sections straightened my hair going over several times to get it stick straight. After it was all straightened I went back to the hair washing area and the assistant added another cold chemical and I sat there for 5 minutes. My hair was washed and the chemical was removed. I went back to my chair and my hair was blowed dried again. My hair was silky smooth and smelled so good! The assistant used the straightening iron once again and it became even more smoother. Rich trimmed my hair and I was finished! It was a long process but totally worth my time and money. I will have to get touch ups on my roots when they start to grow out. This should last for about 6 months. Check out his website at www.dasshair.com



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