How to make Friendship Bracelets DIY

how to make friendship bracelet

The trend for friendship bracelets are back and I wanted to learn how to make some for myself and for my friends. Purchase your Cotton Embroidery Floss String and get started.

how to make friendship bracelet

The Hippie Wrap tutorial here.

hippie wrap friendship braceletHippie Wrap with a Knot is the same steps as the Hippie Wrap tutorial (above) but you add a single knot in between each color.

hippie wrap knot braceletSwirl/ Chinese Staircase tutorial here.

swirl chinese staircase braceletThe Candy Stripe (Chevron Base) tutorial here.

candy strip friendship braceletOnce your get the FOUR-ward knot down than making these are a breeze. Think of it as FOUR-ward knot because you make a 4 with the two strings and loop it under then pull up tight. Purchase your Cotton Embroidery Floss String  and get started. Here is a FOUR-ward Knot:

four ward knot

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    I have finally found a post that explains these bracelets I have been wanting to make some for ages. Thank you and very easy to follow x.

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