How to Make a Ribbon Bow

DIY Ribbon Bow Step 4

When I saw this spool of ribbon and it reminded me of Tiffany’s. Don’t we all wish we can get something special inside the sea foam green box. This is one of the easiest bows to make so here is my tutorial.

The supplies: Scissors, Hot glue gun, Lighter, 2 inch wide Ribbon.

First cut off 4 inches of Ribbon and use the lighter to heat seal the edges. Add a line of glue in the middle of the Ribbon. Fold the right side over and glue down, fold the left side and glue down.

Add a bead of glue in the center and pinch up. Add a bead of glue on the right side of the bow center and lift the bottom upwards to glue.

Now do the same step to the left side. Cut a thin piece of Ribbon, this will be used for the bow center piece. Use the lighter to heat seal the edges.

Add a bead of glue to the back and wrap the center piece around the middle of the bow. When finished you have the cutest little bow! Kawaii!

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