Hippie Wrap Friendship Bracelet

hippie wrap friendship bracelet

Here is my tutorial on how to create a Hippie Wrap Friendship Bracelet. Measure 60 inches of  Cotton Embroidery Floss String ten times so you will have ten strings.

hippie wrap friendship braceletThe first step is folding your 60 inches of Cotton Embroidery Floss String in half so that it is 30 inches long. Then tie a single knot to create a loop.

diy hippie wrap step 1I didn’t have a Clip Board so I used a Particle Board and Binder Clips. Clip both ends to the particle board. To start the first create a FOUR-way knot with two strings of the same color. Think of it as FOUR-ward knot because you make a 4 with the two strings and loop it under then pull up tight.

diy hippie wrap step 2Then start wrapping with the two strings of the same color around the rest of the strings. Over under and around, repeat until you get the desired size.

diy hippie wrap step 3Once you get the desired length push up with your finger to make sure it is tightly bound and wrapped. To end the color you must do another FOUR-ward knot. To start the next color, start with a FOUR-ward knot, wrap around, then end with a forward knot. Repeat until you finish. Then tie a single knot and trim off any extra string and your done!

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