Hello Kitty Snuggie Jumper

hello kitty snuggie

Oh Baby it’s cold outside! I couldn’t wait to show off my Hello Kitty Obsessions. This snuggie I got for Christmas at Hot Topic, similar one here. I love my snuggie, it’s so soft and comfortable, but it is backless so it’s still a bit cold. I can solve that problem by wearing my adult onesie with it! 🙂 I purchase my Hello Kitty iPhone case here or here. Kimchi 🙂

hello kitty snuggie

This is awesomeness I couldn’t pass up and had to purchase this adorable Hello Kitty jumper onesie, similar one here or here. #thebestpjsever It keeps my feet warm during the cold winters, the only negative is when you go use the restroom. But a little minor issue is not a problem when it comes to Hello Kitty. 🙂 My Hello Kitty iPhone cover is so adorable with kitty ears, you can get yours in Red, Pink, or White.

Hello Kitty Snuggie

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