Hello Kitty Nail Tutorial

hello kitty nail art

Here is how to create my favorite Hello Kitty character nails. This nail tutorial is pretty simple and looks so adorable on your nails. Check out my tutorial on how to create this Hello Kitty Felt Bow.

hello kitty nail art

To first paint a clear base coat, Finger Paints Base Coat. Next once the base coat is dry put a piece of Scotch tape across and paint with a white nail polish.With a Nail Dotting Tool dip it into a yellow nail polish and draw a slight oval shape for the nose. I did several practice ovals on a piece of paper before drawing it on my finger.

hello kitty nail tutorial

Next, clean off the tip of the nail dot tool with cotton and acetone then dip into the black polish and add ovals for the eyes. Next I taped the side of my finger to protect my finger from the polish and used a nail design polish brush to draw three whiskers on each side. Again I practice making lines on a piece of paper before drawing the whiskers. Using the nail dot tool add a pink dot for the center of the bow. Then draw a line. Connect the lines to make a triangle for the bow and fill in.

diy hello kitty

Last repeat this bow on the other side. Once my nails are completely dry I seal with a Finger Paints Top Coat.

hello kitty nails

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