Handmade Rainbow Crayons

handmade rainbow crayons

Hello again! Today I’d like to shared my DIY idea on reusing old broken, naked (hehe) crayons. I am an elementary art teacher so I have tons and tons of crayons left over that my students refuse to use. They always want the brand new crayons with the wrappers. Hey I don’t blame them I would want to use new crayons too!

handmade rainbow crayons

First collect old unusable crayons, I collect mine in a zip lock bag. I also have crushed crayons I make by smashing them with a hammer. Place the crayons on a silicone baking mold. I got my ginger bread man mold @HobbyLobby. In the oven bake them at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Safety first! Use oven mitts when taking out the crayons and sprinkle some crushed crayons to add more colors. Let them cool down for about an hour and pop em out and you have something that has been reused, reduced, and recycled! I give them away as prizes to my students. Enjoy!

diy handmade rainbow crayons

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