Gradient Ombre Nail Tutorial

gradient ombre nails

Todays nail tutorial is creating this simple design called Gradient or Ombre Nails using a makeup sponge. I’ve created this nail design several times but never with multiple colors. Gradient or Ombre is when a color goes from dark to light, in this case I used the colors to blend.

gradient ombre nails

To create this look you will need a makeup sponge, purchase here, and any three colors of nail polish.  1. Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish, I used LA Colors. 2. Taking a scissors cut the makeup sponge down to the length and width of your finger, the size of your finger. 3. Using the nail polishes add a generous amount of each color. I used Sinful Colors- Pink Forever, Purple- No Brand, Prue Ice- Bikini. 4. After putting all three polishes on the makeup sponge, squeeze the sides of the sponge so the nail polish soaks into the sponge. 5. Starting for on side of the nail began to Roll it to the other side of the nail. 6. Another view of rolling the sponge. 7. Clean up any mess with a lip liner brush and acetone, clean up tutorial here. 8. I repeated steps 3-7 for each finger twice to get a darker effect. 9. Continue to do this to each finger nail and you’re done!

diy gradient ombre nails

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