Glitter Ombre Nails

rainbow glitter nails

Glitter here, there, everywhere is today’s nail art look. I created an Ombre look by using two Micro glitters in the same shade, one slightly darker. I first painted my nails with Finger Paints Base Coat and the lilac base color I used is Essie Bangle Jangle.

essie bangle jangleTo create this look I used Finger Paints Top Coat to paint the bottom half of the nail. Then using the purple glitter sprinkled it all over the nail. I had a paper plate below to protect my working surface. Then I lightly shook my finger to get any loose glitter off. I painter the top half with the top coat and sprinkled the pink glitter and shook off any extra glitter. I cleaned my nails of any loose glitter and applied the top coat all over the nail.

glitter ombre nailsYou could use glitter nail polish but your nails wont be as bright and sparkly as using the Micro glitters. I loved this look so much I decided to do all my nails with this Ombre Rainbow look. I think they turned out so pretty! I’m getting inspired to create more looks. To remove the glitter easily without any rough scrubbing check out my tutorial How to remove Glitter Nail Polish.

rainbow glitter nails

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