Galaxy Nail Tutorial

galaxy nail art

I have been seeing galaxy nails everywhere and finally tried it out. I love the look of galaxy nails, it reminds me of the show “Through the wormhole”. To make mine a little more unique I added nail stamps as the stars. Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much fun I had doing these nails!

galaxy nail art

Here is my tutorial on how to create Galaxy Nails:

1. Supplies needed: Sally Hansen- Lite, Sinful Colors- Pink Forever, Orly- Glitz, Orly- Shockwave, and LA Colors- White, Tweezers, Makeup Sponge, and Toothpick. To get started tear the makeup sponge into small pieces. Add a dab of nail polish and dip the makeup sponge with tweezers. 2. Make sure to paint your nails Black base color and let dry. With the sponge with  dipped in LA Colors- White, lightly sponge in a diagonal direction. The key is not to have too much nail polish on the sponge. 3. Using Sally Hansen- Lite dab lightly on top of the white area but leaving some white still showing. 4. Orly- Glitz I added highlights to some of the areas to give shimmer. 5. Sinful Colors- Pink Forever lightly dab. 6. Orly- Shockwave will be a little different. You will dab around the edges on both sides to blend into the black background. 7. Using a toothpick create small dots for stars. 8. If you need to clean up your nails and you’re done!

galaxy nail tutorial

Using the Salon Express nail stamping plates SE20 and SE21, tutorial here, to add the stars and moon with LA Colors white nail polish:

Updates: Sorry here are some tips I haven’t posted on how to use these nail paltes. First scrape off the nail polish with the Salon Express logo up, even though the blades look the same it works better for me, if this is confusing look at the scrapper one side is the front (with the Salon Express logo) and one side is the back (blank) use the front side to scrape. When you stamp the design to transfer it to the stamper I use a makeup brush and acetate to clean it up where I accidentally got extra nail polish. When you clean it up then the design is only on the stamper. I hope that clarifies a little more on how to use these stamping plates.

nail stamping

Lastly I added some glitter placement with Tip Top- Rocky Road to give more shine and sparkly like the galaxy far far away.

diy galaxy nails

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