Fresh Fruit Nail Tutorial

diy fruit nails

Summer fresh fruit nails are perfect to quench your thirst. Looks so delicious I could just eat them up! Nom Nom Nom! I created all these looks freehand, trying to brush up on my painting skills. Check out my tutorials below on how to create a Watermelon, Strawberry, Kiwi, Orange, and Lemon nails.

diy fruit nails

Watermelon Nail Tutorial:

watermelon nail tutorial

Strawberry Nail Tutorial:

strawberry nail tutorial

Kiwi Nail Tutorial:

kiwi nail tutorial

Orange/  Citrus Nail Tutorial:

orange nail tutorial

Lemon Nail Tutorial:

lemon nail tutorial

In this Fresh Fruit nail art I used fruit Filmo, purchase here. I love these miniature fruits, they are so cute and fun. I first painted my tips and let them dry. I painted a top coat and picked up the filmo fruit with a toothpick and applied them to the nail. Lastly applied the top coat to protect and seal my work!

filmo fruit nails

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