Foundation Repair

foundation repair after

The first remodeling project that needed to be done was the foundation repair. I called several companies and had them give me a bid. I didn’t know all the work that needed to done after a foundation repair. I came home from work during my lunch break and found my house a mess! There was dirt everywhere, holes all over the place, including inside the house. Twenty two piers were put into the house in the front, side, master bedroom, my pink room, laundry room, and backyard. It was a two day process and I was glad when it was finally over. I was living at my parents while the house was being remodeled. The team I used was very professional and did an amazing job.

foundation repairfoundation repair after


But that being said, after all the foundation repair and everything had settled things started shifting and there were cracks on majority of the walls and also loose walls that had separated from the concrete. Then then the repair process to repair the foundation cracks with taping and bedding. To re-hammer the walls a piece of drywall was cut out and I purchased a tool that secures the frame with bullets and a hammer, and the drywall was replaced. From this experience I learned that I would avoid purchasing a house with any foundation issues.

repairing foundation cracks

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