Food Adventures

fuzzy taco

Here is another round up of my summer food adventures.

I love Fuzzy’s Taco! I have been craving pork tacos and after my dentist appoint I treated myself to one of these bad boys. I couldn’t help that it’s also located right next door.

fuzzy taco

For my friends bachelorette party we went down to Austin to celebrate and float the river. Our first stop was at Chuy’s I love their Jalapeño creamy dip sauce.We had to wear mini crowns in honor of our celebration.


So my summer wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t go have crawfish over and over again. It’s crawfish season so I better season up! This place called The Spot had the largest crawfishes I have ever seen. They were the size of my hands aka mini lobsters. So delicious!

huge crawfishI loved fried pickles and also got these as an appetizer at The Spot.

fried pickles

Last food adventure is a sports bar in downtown called Press Box. I ordered the chicken pesto, my friend ordered nachos, and we split our food.

chicken pesto

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